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Here is the third thought-provoking piece by Mike Filce, our guest poet for the month of May. We just don’t know, where all this confidence — where these small victories over perceived obstacles and foes, over fabricated challenges — will take us, but we…

Joint Post: Favorite Song Lyrics!

This month we’re mixing it up and doing favorite song lyrics as a feature. This week’s hits: “That Wasn’t Me” and “Tonya Harding.”

Joint Post: Spoken Poeting!

Here is a recording of Mindy performing “History of My Fall,” which is pretty awesome, if you ask us! Mindy: I recorded this in the parking lot today before starting work. The poem is best read aloud. I would prefer a more mysterious stage and…

Joint Post: Favorite Poems

Featuring poets Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib and Vivian Faith Prescott!

Welcome to Poeting!

Hello, and welcome to Poeting! We’re two writers with a passion for sharing our poetry.