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the empty room

Sitting in an empty room
The rushing of blood is the only noise that could be heard.
As it travels from my heart to my toes and back around.

Spoken Word: Disability in Poetry

Today Friday posts are back! And we’re giving you a nice serving of spoken word on the topic of disability. Mindy brings to us her gift of spoken poems. Her first poem, “Gabriel’s Death,” outlines the heart-wrenching difficulties being a parent of a child with…

Spoken Word: Song Performances!

Mindy’s still finishing up grad school, so today, we’re featuring Robin Heisler! You may remember her from this joint post, where I featured her poem “Try not to vomit.” Today, going along with last week, we’re featuring song performances instead of spoken word. Robin: …

Joint Post: Favorite Poets for December!

Today’s featured guests: John Berryman and Amanda Lovelace!

Joint Post: Poems of the Week!

Poems of the week, featuring tsundoku.deviantart.com and #microprompt!