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Joint Post: Favorite Song Lyrics!

This month we’re mixing it up and doing favorite song lyrics as a feature. This week’s hits: “That Wasn’t Me” and “Tonya Harding.”

Joint Post: Favorite Poets for December!

Today’s featured guests: John Berryman and Amanda Lovelace!

Joint Post: Favorite Poets!

Today Anne & Mindy are talking about their favorite poets! Mindy: Disclaimer: I read little poetry of late, as I am finishing up my Masters degree in the medical field and not with a lot of extra time for reading and writing; however, when…

Joint Post: Q&A!

What is your workspace like? Anne: My workspace is…a disheveled mess. There’s papers everywhere, stuff falling off, a bowl or two of half-eaten breakfast, and somehow, a nice cup for all my pens (even though the ones I use regularly are on the desk itself)….

Welcome to Poeting!

Hello, and welcome to Poeting! We’re two writers with a passion for sharing our poetry.