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Nervous Geography

The thing in the voice 
left open sounds,
no simple animal–

apology (a poem) FEATURED!

Mindy’s featured again!

Emily Dickinson Glances at my Texts: FEATURED!

Mindy’s been featured again! This time, it’s for The Broke Bohemian, a press house for the West Coast. She’s incredibly proud of this poem, so this feature is great news. You can read her poem dedicated to dear Dickinson here.

Arctic Circle (Featured!)

Mindy’s featured poem “Arctic Circle” has been published!

Raft at Sea

Competing with past wars for a noble cause, A hand for your soul of sand to stream through. Singing about the past, and sunsets. Search the sea, comb through the driftwood. Avail the use of hyperbole and astronavigation. Nature of potential, shipwreck of our…

Brave Anatomy

My heart pumps honey– I am proud of it. A tangled vine guards it, a velvet cloth covers it, a silver key hole provides a small view. Oscillating tissue of muscle and sinew elicits a dark flush and rush of blood and pitch. I…

Off the Rails

The sky grabbed my face, sheets of damp paper. Hale-Bopp pierced the dome, a brushed orb, an afterthought, the night sky poked by a curious child while Jimi Hendrix prophesied and I donned flowing paisley, corduroy pants, sandals and hemp hair wraps, patchouli, all-natural deodorant…

God Spray

Victim Mentality God Spray What of the ocean spraying me with brine, marking like territory my paisley skirt, fresh meat skin, spaghetti strap tank. Even Sappho herself wouldn’t didn’t shield me, the unassuming wind blowing sea around my face like stray bits of glass,…

Hope Peddler

A strong friendship sharpens the blade. A tapestry deceives the mind. We both love impossible people. Somehow she maintains hope in the intrinsic value of a promise, the praiseworthy nature of denial, faith in rewards unknown. The reverse side of chaos is order. I remind…

The Selfish Act of Winter

No matter how it falls, Snow can never fall hard, And that is the posture I now adopt, The occasional pine Dusted with snow. Hester’s wedding dress, Exposing all her secrets. I beg in three seasons now. Spring finds me pleased with color. Summer…