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This room in my heart finds its meager light from a memory wrung out like a towel, blue, sometimes slate, others times the sea, stretching from her steady eyes to my side’s thorns. I, roses, leveled by her unwitting vines— there’s blood all around….

Challenger 8:39 a.m. PST

Standing at attention at flag ceremony Rows of plaid skirts and pressed pants Daily flag salute and “Our Father” Sincere and devoted guardianship over minds and hearts– We knew order in our hearts. Tragedy shattered the television’s safe glass, Cloud caterpillar, unnatural white tentacles….


Three couplets by Mindy Goorchenko!

Mourning a Child

We’ve kept the plant alive
almost four months.

Natural Resources

My primal wound revealed itself to me
on a Monday, like any other Monday,
in the midst of negotiating the highway
during an unwelcome winter rain.

A New Daughter

I buckle a wide-eyed baby fresh from her parents’ row with police into a car seat. She files away their memory into a place so hard to reach: their fist fights, and drunken arrests. Her pierced and infected ears tiny versions of Jesus’ hands….


A child warbling like a child
unable to fly or talk or move

Nervous Geography

The thing in the voice 
left open sounds,
no simple animal–

apology (a poem) FEATURED!

Mindy’s featured again!

Emily Dickinson Glances at my Texts: FEATURED!

Mindy’s been featured again! This time, it’s for The Broke Bohemian, a press house for the West Coast. She’s incredibly proud of this poem, so this feature is great news. You can read her poem dedicated to dear Dickinson here.