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Devotion at Sunset

Happy National Poetry Month! I’m excited to report that this poem is spending the month of April hanging from a tree in Waterford, Michigan. It will also be printed in their annual anthology. Thank you to the Waterford Township Public Library for giving poetry…

I Remember (excerpt)

Greetings, readers. Here is a piece of a longer poem I’m working on, inspired by a prompt from this fantastic book which has become a vital part of my creative process lately. The poem is several pages long at this point and still a…

Something Strong

Happy National Poetry Month! Today’s piece was inspired by a prompt by Kelli Russell Agodon: write a poem about something small using only five lines. My daughter Maria, age 3, stars in this one.   Something Small Someday she may take offense that “pear”…

I am the new person drawn toward you

Walt Whitman poetry

I am the new person drawn toward you,
even more obvious and simple than you may suppose.

Just Shoes

“Just Shoes” I tried to find Doc Martens but settled for stilettos, harbingers of whiskey and sex, cigarettes dangling from naked fingers in a hotel bed. You are like the dog panting just outside my jail cell bars, holding the keys in your mouth…

American Sentence

“American Sentence” You are blessed here whether you know it or not: American health care. Poverty an opportunity to overcome the devil’s curse, our health care innovative and complex. It can’t be for everyone. Think of the studies. The new and expensive drugs. You…


“Sonnet” __ I won’t compare you to a summer’s day, because this is Alaska, and you are not like the endless rays but more like a cold blast that arrives in darkness and never leaves until time slowly passes and we beg for reprieve….


Elegant and understated, Calloused and serious, Lending she has never been desperate— I tell her I have always been desperate. Possibly I’m overstating. Surely she has been desperate at least once, Even though I can only speak for myself, Dealing as I am with…


This room in my heart finds its meager light from a memory wrung out like a towel, blue, sometimes slate, others times the sea, stretching from her steady eyes to my side’s thorns. I, roses, leveled by her unwitting vines— there’s blood all around….

Challenger 8:39 a.m. PST

Standing at attention at flag ceremony Rows of plaid skirts and pressed pants Daily flag salute and “Our Father” Sincere and devoted guardianship over minds and hearts– We knew order in our hearts. Tragedy shattered the television’s safe glass, Cloud caterpillar, unnatural white tentacles….