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too small

do you ever feel so tr apped like the world ‘s too small or perha ps your heart is too big, and you are in t his tiny space with your soul popping out of your body, bi t by bit until you ar…


the smell
of fresh
fast food

out of a
drive thru bag


sometimes I feel spiderwebs tracing along my arms, the thread like a hair prickling along my skin pulling me to you friendship is a simple word boundaries are more complicated wondering where the edge is wondering how to comfort pushing me to the edge…

so much water

take a look, see my many wounds
I prevented from festering.

ignore the blood trail twenty years pouring
down from my heart into my hands.


if only every — every word I uttered had — meaning. if only I could achieve that hidden level they reach in the movies, where everyone says just what they mean and it’s all a symbol. if only I could be what you wanted…

eyes drifting from lane to lane a tire not bought but given freely (& unwanted) weakness of the lid not a boil, but a simmer sip the broth in the mouth unconstrained revulsion this, the unspoken word: weary fills my thoughts & I bathe…


& so I try to figure myself out & grow only more



as the cars pull out of their driveways and the kids run up to the school buses lunches packed and spouses kissed an unsaid goodbye I feel a sense of camaraderie with these 6am trips, these 7am commutes lost on the afternoon frustrations I…


we were angry
at our fathers
& held secrets
in our closed palms


the smoke out of the bottle rises soda, pop, cola, coke spilling out into a glass. it is my fourth one this afternoon, but I have not been counting. (sodas.) I have been checking everything imaginable searching for something to fill the void. my…