Project Type: Anne's Posts

enjoy your fire

there’s a murmur in the air
a near-silent smoke
it sneaks under my door


no photo can contain the spinning constellation
reeling from the ache in my heart for you


there is no
saving eggs
that you refuse
to let hatch


it’s harder to see you
when you sit across from me


A poem about depression and food issues.

sew my limbs beneath me
flat on my stomach so I can’t breathe
flatten the girth and the worth

hollow’s eve

Poeting is back with a Halloween poem by our very own Anne Pyle! This one is inspired by the holiday itself; let us know if you catch all the spooky references! why are graveyards so peaceful I ask myself, walking through the rows death…

watermelon slices

we munch watermelon slices
watching the sky change.
I pretend not to be a child
and you pretend not to notice.


my life in a line: born. tumbled out of the womb a weighty, heavy block of a child, my mother’s tears drying on my cheek as the cord was cut for the first time, but not the last. a commemoration. raised. a mixture of…

the sun warm on me

it’s a wonder
that inside our bright moment
there is nothingness deep within me
that threatens to claw out


when I say “you are a dream never tainted” do you know that I mean it? no star has shone brighter nor portion carried so much light as when I hold tight to your arm and plant a light kiss on your shoulder blunt…