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watermelon slices

we munch watermelon slices
watching the sky change.
I pretend not to be a child
and you pretend not to notice.


my life in a line: born. tumbled out of the womb a weighty, heavy block of a child, my mother’s tears drying on my cheek as the cord was cut for the first time, but not the last. a commemoration. raised. a mixture of…

the sun warm on me

it’s a wonder
that inside our bright moment
there is nothingness deep within me
that threatens to claw out


when I say “you are a dream never tainted” do you know that I mean it? no star has shone brighter nor portion carried so much light as when I hold tight to your arm and plant a light kiss on your shoulder blunt…

too small

do you ever feel so tr apped like the world ‘s too small or perha ps your heart is too big, and you are in t his tiny space with your soul popping out of your body, bi t by bit until you ar…


the smell
of fresh
fast food

out of a
drive thru bag


sometimes I feel spiderwebs tracing along my arms, the thread like a hair prickling along my skin pulling me to you friendship is a simple word boundaries are more complicated wondering where the edge is wondering how to comfort pushing me to the edge…

so much water

take a look, see my many wounds
I prevented from festering.

ignore the blood trail twenty years pouring
down from my heart into my hands.


if only every — every word I uttered had — meaning. if only I could achieve that hidden level they reach in the movies, where everyone says just what they mean and it’s all a symbol. if only I could be what you wanted…

eyes drifting from lane to lane a tire not bought but given freely (& unwanted) weakness of the lid not a boil, but a simmer sip the broth in the mouth unconstrained revulsion this, the unspoken word: weary fills my thoughts & I bathe…