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and fear

hazy sky consumed with cold
outstretched from the arms it bears
comfort in a thick embrace
& silence


when I was younger & afraid
I never boiled water
for fear of the steam
& the squeal


(a heavy blanket tucked into my body’s expanse) (a large expanse, my mind insists, despite my husband’s pleas otherwise)   months ago she told me it as if I had forgotten but these empty pockets speak a certain kind of malnutrition   and these…

lost & unfound

I sell my cloak and with the earnings, I take
two swords with me down the street.

i n a d e q u a t e

try to forget the ages of conditioning decades of indoctrination resurrect the passion inhale the spirit exhale the terms & conditions try to love but always a consequence inadequate is my middle name am I irresponsible or ill-fitting or just disrespected mock the response…


I may have
broken my toe
in the process
of finding a key


Head whispers to heart.
Heart shouts back.

two years

and half a hundred combinations later and a Walmart bag bulging with useless antidotes, I sit on the couch about to try again. it’s not ever easy. there are times I feel normal, but normal is always eggshell thin. if I go a day…


balancing being awake
like plates on rods
covered in cuts from
falling over and over

the lemon

Do you remember that concert during
the last summer I saw you?