watermelon slices

it’s funny, lately,
how the illness is sentient.
it whispers its name. my ears close.
the mystery of this disease
keeps me exploring, hesitating
and chasing a diagnosis.
doctor says it’s not my business.
heart says it’ll fix me.

it’s a shame, really,
how futile my scraping and clawing
at sanity can be. once I reach the top
I come tumbling down
and Sisyphus pauses for a laugh.
doctor says it’ll even out in time.
heart says it’ll break me.

it’s sad, truly,
how thick wool gnaws on my eyes.
once I pin back the layers
curtains fall across my mind.
I stumble, arms outstretched
and you reach out your hand.
doctor says exercise is my cure.
heart says it’ll burst me.

it’s right, finally,
that you sit by me.
we munch watermelon slices
watching the sky change.
I pretend not to be a child
and you pretend not to notice.
doctor says I’m better with you.
heart says it’s my only hope.

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