This Scheduled Performance

This Scheduled Performance

In matters of disappearance
one must build rapport.
Establish a foundation of trust
and wave the arm

not as though departing
but achieving distraction.
One must first be noticed
in order to disappear.

Best to choose a time
when the audience
has suffered a blow.
Wait for a knock down

then delight them
with the promise of a show.
Shoot some flames–
the heart loves flames.

Don’t let them in on it.
You yourself are the rabbit,
the hat is you,
the rabbit is you,

your wand calls the shots
and then the flames
pretend to burn you up.
Nobody is fooled

but you hope they are delighted
and persuaded
so the next time you show up
they want you more.


© 2018 Mindy Goorchenko All rights reserved. Here is a link to my published poetry collection, The Latent Talent of Conception. Thank you for your support!

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