Off the Rails

The sky grabbed my face,
sheets of damp paper.

Hale-Bopp pierced the dome,
a brushed orb,
an afterthought,

the night sky poked
by a curious child

while Jimi Hendrix

and I donned
flowing paisley,

corduroy pants,
sandals and hemp hair wraps,

all-natural deodorant
that mostly worked,

into the familiarity
of Axis: Bold as Love

while the Hale-Bopp child
winked back at me

and the BART train
brought me back

to my secluded and quiet
upper-class college dorm.

Copyright © 2017 Mindy Goorchenko All rights reserved.
You can find more poems by Mindy in her book, The Latent Talent of Conception, out now and available for purchase here.

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