Natural Resources

My primal wound revealed itself to me
on a Monday, like any other Monday,
in the midst of negotiating the highway
during an unwelcome winter rain.

I slowed my vehicle slightly
to regain my sense of what was underneath
and like a metaphor
my heart bared itself,

a young woman in private
showing me the most perfect wound.
It was wild and untouched,
pristine in its smooth edges,

my entire self committing
endless resources
protecting and preserving
this gush and flow of identity.

I traced the vein
from birth and through the years,
I found its signs everywhere,
and in everything,

at once captivated
by its beauty and menace.
I couldn’t help but love it,
it had seemed like me for so long–
a carefully encapsulated implant.

I don’t know exactly how to get you out,
but I am coming for you,
with forceps and scalpels and clips.
I am coming for you.

© Mindy Goorchenko, 2018. All rights reserved.

You can read a book of Mindy’s poetry here.

One Comment on “Natural Resources

  1. words sound good next to each other but I don’t understand any of it …maybe I’m not sophisticated enough….


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