Mourning a Child

We’ve kept the plant alive
almost four months.

Lilies stretch and point,
white teardrops on stems.

Green leaves splash beneath,
frayed at each end.

The cats keep visiting
and chewing on them.

My friend asks,
“How is your grief?”

It’s like knowing
these lilies will die,
and so will the cats.

It’s like never again feeling
his billowing arms,
soft as clouds,
in my rough palms.

It’s like never again
his ample thighs.

It’s like missing
the still, cool presence
of his corpse
in my arms.

© Mindy Goorchenko, 2018. All rights reserved.

January 26th will mark the first anniversary of my son Gabriel’s death. I have a couple of poems to share about him this month. He is greatly missed.

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