Mirror Eyes

Our own Anne Pyle supplied the prompt which inspired this piece, which was to write about what a mirror sees. I also have to give a shout-out to my son Wolfgang; when I asked him how a mirror works, I knew he would have a long and eloquent answer, filled with its own poetry. Thank you, son.


Mirror Eyes

I see the moon
and the moon sees me.
~nursery rhyme

A remarkable object is a mirror;
it placidly reflects me.
I step before it with trust;
it swallows me whole
and refracts my light.

The passive recipient
of light waves
cannot lie,

like your handsome face,
its clefts and shadows.

We flicker without heed,
emitting the dreamless dream.
It’s the only kind I have
these days,

a virtual image,
where line and sight go beyond
the mirror/air boundary
to the other
made-up side.

They are tasty flecks
and soon gone.
My stomach, my soul, my heart
gnaw at the flesh–

I wish that we would grow full.

It misleads me
until I weep
in equal parts
longing and grief.

If you were a mirror
you’d swallow me.
You’d hold me.
You’d reveal me.

But we are cracked cups
and broken glass,
inevitably useless
to the other,

other than
to cut hands
and cause pain.


© 2018 Mindy Goorchenko All rights reserved. Here is a link to my published poetry collection, The Latent Talent of Conception. Thank you for your support.

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