hollow’s eve

Poeting is back with a Halloween poem by our very own Anne Pyle! This one is inspired by the holiday itself; let us know if you catch all the spooky references!

why are graveyards so peaceful
I ask myself, walking through the rows
death is so comfortable when our bodies are hollow

hallowed be thy name, we repeat
& forget until we are empty corpses
zombies crawling the earth
no immediacy. lost. & alone
I found myself in a haze
the fog consuming the air around me
until I choke on my thoughts, blotted vision

I never saw my life like this
but I never foresaw life at all
young & illusions haunting me
dreams of a black cat right to left
I surmise this will be the end of me,
here, amongst the afterlife
until fallen saints swim around me

there would be an accident
family gathered around a sofa
people take off their hats
around this time, I thought
I imagined meeting the church’s keepers
would be something like
a series of bows, and not
hello to old friends
– –
I never expected to live this long
and now I don’t know what to expect
and it frightens me
I wonder how many have died
before they turned

I wonder how many died old
wondering about
the future


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