Challenger 8:39 a.m. PST

Standing at attention at flag ceremony
Rows of plaid skirts and pressed pants
Daily flag salute and “Our Father”
Sincere and devoted guardianship
over minds and hearts–

We knew order in our hearts.

Tragedy shattered the television’s safe glass,
Cloud caterpillar, unnatural white tentacles.

Gazing into the spotless blue sky,
Imagining the bodies of astronauts vaporizing.
It’s over. That suddenly. The life.

Christa McAuliffe held our hearts
in the helmet on her lap.

© Mindy Goorchenko, 2013-2018. All rights reserved.

That day is vividly seared into my memory, as it is for most in my generation. Ronald Reagan postponed his State of the Union address that day to address us about this instead.

One Comment on “Challenger 8:39 a.m. PST

  1. I was driving to work and listening to the blast off on the radio. A teacher going into space. There are no words. Just a void.


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