All in the Course of an Evening

All in the Course of an Evening

I drove home from work,
picked up kebabs and a bag of dog food,
retrieved a toddler from daycare,
received the hurricane of teen stories,
coached manners and apologies,
nursed a trampoline owie,
and deftly extracted a splinter
from a dirty summer toe.

I read aloud two Madeline stories,
managed production of dinner for seven,
brushed out a black mane of hair,
brushed several mouths of teeth,
oversaw endless potty trips,
tracked the location of one teen,
said yes she can spend the night
to another teen.

I spilled wine all over my first draft,
said yes they can bake cookies,
said yes they can eat otter pops,
said no to the dinner dishes,
said no to my work laundry,
pretended I could read in bed for a few minutes
without falling asleep,
and now it is morning.


© 2018 Mindy Goorchenko All rights reserved. Here is a link to my published poetry collection, The Latent Talent of Conception. Thank you for your support!

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