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They Say

Here is the third thought-provoking piece by Mike Filce, our guest poet for the month of May. They say They say many things of life’s regrets of the readiness to die before one’s time yet that can only be where it is and not…

Sons and Daughters

Our guest poet Mike Filce brings us a piece this week about a poignant parenting perspective. Sons and daughters A daughter caring, nurturing, nothing to please to serve, even her brother – who has already learned that he’s the type girls will want to…

They Say

Our guest poet for the month of May is Mike Filce, who shares with us his special brand of contemplative free verse. They Say They say many things of life’s regrets of the readiness to die before one’s time yet that can only be…


I am not some kind of toy
That you play with.

the empty room

Sitting in an empty room
The rushing of blood is the only noise that could be heard.
As it travels from my heart to my toes and back around.

thought about you.

If thoughts were fingerprints
I’d be covered in yours.

Bipolar Weather

This month’s guest poet is Briana Herr, aka Booboo! She brings us this deep, painful poem with a disclaimer. This poem was inspired by individuals struggling with untreated bipolar disorder. If you’re having trouble with your own mental health, please call this hotline: 1-800-273-8255,…


This is our final poem by guest Gabe Jacobs. We’re sorry to see him go, but exciting news: Briana Herr, or “Booboo” as she’s known, is our guest poet for April! Please give Gabe a fond farewell today and Booboo a hearty welcome next…


Oh what wicked webs we weave Dancing in a ballroom cocoon With silk on the soles of our shoes And an aversion to all our past places. Where we step the string follows Where we fall the floor shakes So we step carefully To…


Gabe comes to us with another poem! Read below and let us know what you think! Hands that don’t know how to feel Reach to a father who didn’t know either She had no control And neither did he Newborn innocence Meet young adult…