What the x-rays don’t see

Our last poem by Mike Filce is here, and we’re heartbroken about it, but next month brings a new guest and new excitement!

To live a paradox is new to me –

To live and, yet,

wish – intermittently – to die

To find that place of relief –

of lightness, of bodi-less utopia —

I wonder if even Hell could be worse

than these moments –

hours, days of despair

that cripple, that emasculate,

that strip me bare.

Mike Filce lives in South Lake Tahoe and teaches English at South Tahoe High School. He and his wife Anne have two children, both currently attending college.

One Comment on “What the x-rays don’t see

  1. Really impressive piece of writing. I can find strenght and talent in the words and letters that you used. This is really a good read. You are amazing. Hey, I am Ragazza, I hoep you could follow my blog page if you don’t mind. Cheers! 🙂


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