They Say

Our guest poet for the month of May is Mike Filce, who shares with us his special brand of contemplative free verse.

They Say

They say many things
of life’s regrets
of the readiness to die
before one’s time
yet that can only
be where it is
and not before
and certainly not later.
They speak of muse
that wandering rogue
who chafes and scratches
and fails to live up
to his name.
I am proof, after all,
of dreams deferred,
readily devoured,
forgivingly applied —
that absence of measuring
until some later time
which never has to come
at this rate.

© 2018 Mike Filce All rights reserved

Mike says: I live in South Lake Tahoe and teach English at South Lake Tahoe High School. My wife Anne and I have two children, both currently attending college.

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