It’s our last week with Briana Herr, and we’re sorry to see her go. But next week, we’ll feature the work of S. M. Holland, a poet and author of the Get in My Head series! Check out Briana’s last poem below:

I am not some kind of toy
That you play with.
Moving my parts,
Hitting me against the floor,
Bring me to the mall.
And then put away once you get bored with me.
Only to pull me out again,
starting the cycling anew when you remember me in the closet.

I am not an CD
that you pop in a player.
Singing along to my lyrics of my soul.
Only to take me out and put back in my case.
Hoping that the scratches and smudges from your fingerprints will just evaporate away in there,
by the time you get my songs stuck in your head again.

I am not a playground.
A place to go for free entertainment.
To touch, poke and prod.
A place to run circles around and trash
Leaving maintenance and upkeep to an unseen group.
To Abandon when storm clouds come out
only to come back on the next Sunny day.

I am not a thing
To be used and abused.
To be throw out when you’re through with me.
Left on the side of the road,
hoping that someone will take care of me.
Only to buy me back when you need me again.

I am not an object.
I have thoughts and feelings.
Hopes and dreams
Drives and ambitious.
Flesh, muscle and bones.
I breathe air. Blood rushes through me!

I am
A human.

hiya! my name is Briana F. Herr,
I’m a coffee addicted night owl. I love Anime, comic books, video games -yeah, pretty much anything nerdy.-

I love musicals and cheesy Disney channel original movies. I hate slow walkers, waiting around, waking up early and adulting.

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