the empty room

Sitting in an empty room
The rushing of blood is the only noise that could be heard.
As it travels from my heart to my toes and back around.

When that becomes too much to stand,
I turn on music.
I fill the room with words and lyrics of the rise and falls of relationships and human emotions.

But the quietness is still there.

So I turn on a TV too.
The noises of letter based sounds almost give me my fix for human interaction.

But it’s silly to have both a TV and music playing at the same time.
So I always end up turning off both of them.

The high pitched ringing in my ears settles in.
The noise that happens in the absence of any other sound.
The low melodramatic hum that just services me the harsh truth.

The room is still empty.

So I take to the outside world,
The busy Street, the crowded areas.
Lights and sounds trying to fill the open air.
The friction of shirts and coats rubbing against each other
As people hasten past me,
Satisfies my need for physical contact.

But the uniform pounding of lost soul’s feet aligned with the tune of my hammering heart.
Feeling like one of many red blood cells trapped in a vein,
I pulled myself out.

Down the isolated road home
it soon dawned on me, like the rising sun
with Rays of pinks, oranges and bubs of baby blues.
It wasn’t the room that was empty.

The feeling was inside of my chest.

hiya! my name is Briana F. Herr, I’m a coffee addicted night owl. I love Anime, comic books, video games -yeah, pretty much anything nerdy. I love musicals and cheesy Disney channel original movies. I hate slow walkers, waiting around, waking up early and adulting.

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