thought about you.

If thoughts were raindrops
The world would be covered in an boundless sea
Deep and blue as your eyes
and with infinite possibilities
of what scary things hide underneath,
I’m Just another sucker drawn to your light.
Drawn to the false ideal.

If thoughts were grains of sand,
It could count all the seconds that have dropped away before me.
All the moments I have spent with your face imprinted on my mind
Watching my life slip away with.
Counting to the end of my time.

If thoughts were fingerprints
I’d be covered in yours.
From my head to my toes,
seeping into my soul.
Until the lines on my skin look like your fingertips
Scarring my body with your mark.

If thoughts were matter.
I would be in the middle of a black hole.
A dark void to be swallowed whole.
Totally Surrounded By your presence,
a endless pit of negativity.
Unstoppable force of destruction
Until nothing was left of me.

But thoughts are thoughts.
Racing around with no control.
They run through my mind.
Looping on repeat with no end in sight,
On Repeat with Nothing but my regrets with you.

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