Bipolar Weather

This month’s guest poet is Briana Herr, aka Booboo! She brings us this deep, painful poem with a disclaimer.

This poem was inspired by individuals struggling with untreated bipolar disorder. If you’re having trouble with your own mental health, please call this hotline: 1-800-273-8255, and/or tell a friend.

You switch between the seasons.
One minute you were summer,
All sunshine and melting hot air.

Next moment you were winter,
falling snow and blistering cold storms.

It’s hard to keep up with your bipolar weather.

Sometimes you’re muggy days,
Fair grounds and laughing people.
Far too soon it turns into frigid nights,
Below freezing and total blinding white out.

I switch between the seasons.
One minute I was spring,
So full of life and warm breezes.

the next moment I was fall,
withering away and full of pouring rain.

It’s hard to keep my seasons in check.

Sometimes I’m sunny days,
singing birds and blooming flowers.
Which turns into windy nights,
withdrawing animals and dying leaves.

We’re never in sync,
When I’m bouncing spring,
you’re ice over winter.
When you’re hot summer in full force,
I’m drying out in fall.
I really can’t keep up with our bipolar weeks,
Either way I’m always caught up in some kind of rain.

hiya! my name is Briana F. Herr, I’m a coffee addicted night owl. I love Anime, comic books, video games -yeah, pretty much anything nerdy. I love musicals and cheesy Disney channel original movies. I hate slow walkers, waiting around, waking up early and adulting.

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