Oh what wicked webs we weave

Dancing in a ballroom cocoon

With silk on the soles of our shoes

And an aversion to all our past places.

Where we step the string follows

Where we fall the floor shakes

So we step carefully

To avoid past mistakes

The first beats are easy

I focus on your eyes

Our feet move freely

We hardly have to try

As the tracks roll on

Your fangs become clear

If home is where the heart is

Why the hell am I here

A wolf in sheepskin

A spider’s seduction wins

As skin fades from your face

And so the hunt begins.

The first few webs are fragile

New and unprepared

But as I run through an old memory

I get caught up, ensnared.

Stuck for what seems like forever

Maybe things weren’t so bad

I reminisce

On the chances I’ve missed

As your webs begin to spin

If I wanted to leave I should’ve

So I start to dance again.

My name is Gabe Jacobs, and I am terrified of inadequacy. I miss Anthony, and I believe Michael Bay was Shakespeare in a past life.

Picture credit: Arnaud de Vallois. Check him out!

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