Our guest poet Gabe Jacobs will be posting every Friday all month long! Let us know what you think!

Once I was tricked
By none other
Than a slippery coy fish.
He promised love to me,
The woman of my dreams
If only I dove in to catch him.

The pond he was fond of
Fell deeper than I thought
And he went farther down
To avoid being caught.
Oh the things we do for love
My mind muttered
As water pressure
Pushed on my heart
And my head
My lungs

I considered my options
Love or life.
What is one
Without the other
So that day I died
Under two tons of water
And the last thing I felt
Was a kiss
From the lips
Of that goddamn fish.

My name is Gabe Jacobs, and I am terrified of inadequacy. I miss Anthony, and I believe Michael Bay was Shakespeare in a past life.

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