Spoken Word: Song Performances!

Mindy’s still finishing up grad school, so today, we’re featuring Robin Heisler! You may remember her from this joint post, where I featured her poem “Try not to vomit.” Today, going along with last week, we’re featuring song performances instead of spoken word.


Tyler’s ability to let everything go and be vulnerable is stunning. Josh’s unconditional support both emotionally and creatively propels this duo to greatness and inspires in a way that few artists can. This is love. This is pain. This is truth. First time I watched this, I cried.

The lyrics themselves hold gorgeous imagery, a mix of questioning faith and bittersweet hope in the darkness of despair. They capture the feeling of desperation to not be alone. To be heard. To be comforted by something greater than oneself.


I’ve been a fan of Sufjan Stevens for a long while, and this video is a great example of why he inspires me so much. He carries a serene look on his face throughout the video, but on certain lines, like “I do love you,” when his gaze shifts and his eyes look searchingly to his group, the emotion the words carry overpower his complacency.

The words at the end, “futile devices,” strikes me when he looks off again, as if something is still missing. The album this song comes from delineates the falling-apart of a relationship, and this song’s poignant acoustic flair adds well to the piece.

What are some of your favorite song performances? Let us know!

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