Joint Post: Favorite Song Lyrics!

This month we’re mixing it up and doing favorite song lyrics as a feature. This week’s hits: “That Wasn’t Me” and “Tonya Harding.”

Mindy: The song I chose was “That Wasn’t Me” by Brandi Carlile. From the very first lines, I love the intimate conversational tone: ‘Hang on. Just hang on for a minute. I’ve got something to say.’ The song is in the voice of a person recovering from addiction and looking back and forward at the arc of a relationship. It’s a powerful song.

Mindy’s favorite lyric:

That Wasn't Me..png

Anne: I picked two singles with the same name: “Tonya Harding” by Sufjan Stevens. (He chose to release the song in two different keys–Eb Major is my favorite version.) In this day & age, it’s hard to tell who is innocent and who isn’t. People are trigger-happy and love a good story, whether it scars someone for life or not. This song’s simple lyrics stick out, and Sufjan’s telling of her suffering is sweet, tender, and painful with pinpricks of sadness.

Anne’s favorite lyric:

That Wasn't Me. (1).png

What are some lyrics from some of your favorite songs? Let us know!

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