Joint Post: Favorite Poets for December!

It’s Favorite Poet Friday, and today’s featured poets are John Berryman and Amanda Lovelace!


“Yesterday, the first of John Berryman’s “Dream Songs” rather unceremoniously entered my email inbox. It was my daily offering from Poem a Day, an email service I signed up for and which gets varying attention from me depending on how busy I am at any given time.

When I consciously recognized the poet and poem in the subject line, I did a double take and immediately opened it to feast upon the words. John Berryman’s poetry deeply impacted me during my adolescent years.

Today is the first time I am learning anything about him. It turns out, he lived a turbulent life of addiction and eventually died by suicide. He forms a member of the so-called “confessional” school of poetry, my chosen drug during high school.

I will look forward to reading his work now that I am older and have several more decades of perspective.

You can read the poem by clicking this link.

Anne: I ordered three poetry books for Black Friday (and shipped them to the wrong house, like a dunce!), but the poet I want to feature for today is Amanda Lovelace. She has a book out called the princess saves herself in this one that’s all about mental illness and child abuse. Since I have a background in these topics, I was curious to read her poetry.

This poem in particular hit me hard when I flipped through the book before purchasing:


The beauty of her poetry is in the simplicity, which I relate to, as often my poems end up being in very simple language. I can’t wait to devour her book.

What poetry have you been reading recently? Any favorite poets to share? Let us know!

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