Joint Post: Poems of the Week!

This week, Mindy will not be with us. Clinical training wiped her out and she is now recharging on the couch (or so she wishes.) To cover for her, Anne is going to tackle two poems this week!

Anne: The first poem I want to cover is the magnificent one “Try not to vomit.”, written by Robin, or tsundoku on DeviantArt. Her use of powerful imagery and word choice hit me hard when I read it.

Don’t stop eating.
Stuff the stale and rancid cream
Past your swollen tongue
Straight into your hungry thighs
As the excess snakes up your throat

The idea of this immense need, this “rancid cream” consumption and the dark desire that Robin feels, grip me and show me how horrifying eating can be. I can’t help but read on. You can find the rest of it here.

Another poem-related thing I wanted to feature is the hashtag #microprompt on Twitter. There are new poem prompts almost every day, and users are asked to challenge themselves to meet the prompt’s requests. Here’s one I really enjoyed:

I love seeing people’s minds at work, finding ways to fit in the character limit (which just increased to 280!).

What are your favorite poems this week? Let us know!

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