Joint Post: Q&A!

What is your workspace like?

Anne: My workspace is…a disheveled mess. There’s papers everywhere, stuff falling off, a bowl or two of half-eaten breakfast, and somehow, a nice cup for all my pens (even though the ones I use regularly are on the desk itself). I tend to get frustrated and clean it all a couple times a month before it gets bad again. I know it’s ridiculous.

Desk 1 is shared with (religion major) husband. It is…horrible.
Desk 2 is in much better condition, but still: Anne, why.

When I start writing a poem, it can be in the car, on the couch, or even sitting on an amp during a metalcore practice.

Yep. This isn’t the band I was poeting to, but it gives you a good picture.

But I usually edit them, polish them up, and publish them on my laptop.


Here is a picture of my writing space, and an idea of what usually happens if I sit there long enough. Thus, my writing normally happens before anyone else is awake, often between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning. Coffee is involved, and so are my cats.

My daughter would prefer to be reading Harry Potter and my son would prefer to be reading Dante’s Inferno. But they were very excited when mom’s book arrived. ~MG

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