Joint Post: Spoken Poeting!

Here is a recording of Mindy performing “History of My Fall,” which is pretty awesome, if you ask us!

Mindy: I recorded this in the parking lot today before starting work. The poem is best read aloud. I would prefer a more mysterious stage and a better angle, but a parking lot with a trash truck in the background will have to do.

Copyright © 2017 Mindy Goorchenko All rights reserved.

This piece can be found in Mindy’s poetry collection entitled “The Latent Talent of Conception,” listed here on Amazon.

Anne: Since Mindy’s performing a poem for her post, I think I should too! I’d like to perform my piece, “Blue.” I messed up a couple times–please forgive me!

I wrote “Blue” for a creative writing class my sophomore year of college. The assignment was to describe yourself with different things, not character traits. It was a hard assignment, but I think it paid off!

What are some of your favorite spoken word pieces? Leave them in the comments below!

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