Welcome to Poeting!

Hello, and welcome to Poeting! We’re two writers with a passion for everything poetry. Poeting is a place for us to share our own work and promote others’ poems as well!

Our About page goes into more detail on our formatting, but feel free to click on the poems I’m the front page! All posts are uploaded MWF at 2 p.m. CST, so make sure to tune in then!

Here’s an explanation of our individual style and inspiration:

Mindy Goorchenko: To create poetry, I watch for those moments in my life and mind which linger and wait to be captured in words. Also, I have aphantasia, sometimes known as mental blindness, which means my brain does not visualize imagery. I’m not exactly sure how this affects my poetry, but I’m sure that my poetry is my way of visualizing with words.

Anne Pyle: My poems have a melancholy approach to things like mental illness, abuse, and even hope and faith. My mental illness first developed in 2012, and my poetry follows the journey of coping and becoming high-functioning again. Many poems are titled only with dates, as each month or even day had a significant impact on my outlook.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and are inspired to start poeting on your own!

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